Jeremy James was born in London and discovered his passion for music at the age of four. At eight, he passed his first exam at the Royal Schools Of Music and won a music scholarship to one of the most renowned private schools in England.


He went on to successfully complete all of the following practical and theoretical exams and performed in a number of concerts, completing his scholarship by winning the Simon Crispin trophy in solo and duet performances.


Jeremy moved to Germany, during which time he spent much of his free time composing music and performing at weddings, company events as well as singing and playing in prestigious hotels and restaurants.

He then spent a year in Greece performing, producing and writing the score and lyrics for theatrical productions.


In the following years, he appeared in various tv shows, on stages and at events throughout Europe, collaborating with artists such as Sir Elton John, Modern Talking lead singer Thomas Anders, Nena, Jeanette Biedermann, tv magician Franklin and as far as Las Vegas to Siegfried & Roy.


The past ten years have been an exciting combination of touring as lead singer of a German boyband, releasing two chart topping-singles and videos. Following that, concerts, performances and TV work as a solo artist, up to the present day with producing and promoting talented young artists.


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